27 th Jewish Culture Festival


Sat Jun 24th 2017 to Sun Jul 2nd 2017
Krakow, Krakow - Various Venues

Event Details

This year sees the 27th festival of Jewish culture in Krakow, which runs from Saturday June 24th through to Sunday July 2nd. The festival embraces a vast and diverse array of events exploring and presenting different aspects of Jewish culture. There is of course a strong emphasis on traditional Polish and Cracovian Judaism, but the event organizers also focus on modern Jewish culture as it has developed in Israel and the United States. A key part of the festival is music; with live concerts every day and major acts both opening and closing the festival. Here you can experience klezmer and other traditional forms of Jewish folk music with strong ties to the region. In addition to concerts, there are exhibitions, lectures, workshops, book launches and even introductions to Jewish cuisine. On the closing night there is a huge televised concert on Szeroka Street with an audience of many thousands.

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