30 Experts Reveal 3 Favourite Things to do in Krakow


There are so many things to do in Krakow that it’s hard to choose what to visit first.
Is that right?
If you asked us about the top 3 places in the guide to Krakow, it would be hard for us to answer as well!
That’s why we’ve asked this special question to 30 people who are connected with Krakow, Poland:
“If you could choose only 3 things to do in Krakow, which ones would you choose?”
Those guys are travelers, bloggers, and hosts who have one thing in common – their love for Krakow!
What happened next?
We have received so many answers! Reading them all made us very happy and proud of our city, but also it took a big chunk of time. We compiled 
That’s why we prepared a unique guide to Krakow based on Experts answers.

TOP 10
Best 10 Things to Do in Krakow (As Voted by 30
travelers Experts):
Krakow Old Town – 11 votes
Trying Polish food – 10 votes
Wawel Royal Castle – 9 votes
Restaurants and Cafes – 8 votes
Wieliczka Salt Mine / Kazimierz District – 7 votes
Schindler’s Factory Museum together with Ghetto Heroes Square  – 6 votes
Auschwitz Concentration Camp – 5 votes
Drinking Polish vodka – 4 votes
Krakus Mound / St. Mary’s Basilica- 3 votes
Cricoteca / Tytano – former tobacco factory / Wawel Dragon – 2 votes

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