Best 5 Cocktail Bars in Krakow

When it comes to nightlife in Krakow, there is no shortage of options. But if you're looking for a great cocktail in a trendy setting, here are the best five bars to check out:

1. Mercy Brown

With its cozy atmosphere and expertly crafted cocktails, Mercy Brown is a must-visit for any cocktail enthusiast. The bartenders here are known for their creativity and attention to detail, ma... Read more

Movida Cocktail Bar

Best 5 Cocktail Bars in Krakow

Movida Cocktail Bar is a bar where class and sophistication are valued highly. Here you can feel like a celebrity as international standards have been set to meet the exact needs of each individual customer. Movida is very centrally situated and is in close proximity to the UNESCO Listed Market Square as well as other popular attractions in Krakow. At Movida, it is quite possible that you might... Read More

Budda Bar

Best 5 Cocktail Bars in Krakow

It seems that Budda Bar is just one of the numerous bars in Krakow spotted within easy walking distance around the Main Market Square. However, once you find yourself seated, either in the cozy interior or the more spacious and comfortable courtyard, you might experience a lengthier stay, as Budda has this vibe, which makes people continue their cocktail adventures rather than seek another venue. ... Read More


Best 5 Cocktail Bars in Krakow

The word Sababa literally translates to great, and we can't think of a more appropriate way to describe their drinks, except for perhaps their motto: 'Stay Fabulous'. This is no run of the mill cocktail bar, but a sophisticated Kazimierz institution with oodles of class in their polished glass. Sababa is a delight for those who can appreciate high quality craftsmanship, who enjoy the finer things ... Read More


Best 5 Cocktail Bars in Krakow

Lastriko, located in the very heart of industrial Tytano complex on Dolnych Młynów street, is a new cocktail venue to have opened in Kraków. Not only do we strive to provide top quality cocktails - both those based on classic, and - first of all - on our own recipes, but we also want to be the place that promotes the best Polish DJs and young artists with previews of art exhibitions. &... Read More

le Scandale

Best 5 Cocktail Bars in Krakow

Plac Nowy, arguably the social hub of Kazimierz, has many types of bars to choose from, but if your tastes lean more towards the smart, the elegant and the cosmopolitan then the only true candidate is Le Scandale. Le Scandale, like the more recent Scandale Royal in the Old Town, is a sophisticated cocktail bar that also offers an extensive and tasty food menu, and is a favourite with Krakow's styl... Read More

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