Safety and Health

Krakow is generally a very safe city, with far less violent crime than many European cities. Nevertheless, petty crime such as pickpocketing occurs and visitors would be wise to be cautious of personal possessions on buses and trams.

It should be pointed out that the local police are not well enough paid to feel kindly disposed towards heavily inebriated individuals full of the wit and charm that only alcohol can provide; being arrested entails a long journey back into town the following morning at your own expense as well as a fine.
In an emergency, mobile phone users should call 112 and ask for the relevant department. The operator will not necessarily speak English. From June to September English, German and Russian speakers can get assistance by calling mobile no: +48 608 599 999.

Medical care in Poland is generally very good, and private clinics not particularly expensive, so if you need to get fixed up in a hurry you may be better off forking out a small amount of cash rather than sitting and waiting ages in a public hospital.

Pharmacies, known as "Apteka" and bearing a green cross, are everywhere.