Krakow Galleries & Museums

1. Wawel Hill
A 'mecca' for Poles, a must-see for all visitors to Krakow. The Cathedral, Royal Tombs, Royal Apartments and even an exhibition of Oriental Art. Book a day in your schedule for a lesson on Poland's exciting history.

Address: Wawel 5

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2. Krakow National Museum
Poland's biggest museum's main building, with nine branches scattered round the city center make complex exhibitions on local and national culture. Some permanent and temporary shows cover time travel through city and nation life.

Address: al. 3 Maja 1

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3. The Czartoryski's Museum
With its 'Lady with an Ermine' by Leonardo da Vinci and a dramatic landscape by Rembrandt, the museum attracts more and less sophisticated tastes. Enjoy the atmosphere of the charming collection from paintings, armour and tapestries to china, glass and personal memorabilia.

Address: ul. sw. Jana 19

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4. Museum of Archeology
Pop in to see the world's only excavated representation of a Slavonic god. In a building with extensive history you will enjoy the permanent exhibitions on 'Ancient and Medieval Malopolska' and 'The Gods of Ancient Egypt'.

Address: ul. Senacka 3

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5. Cathedral Museum
Priceless artifacts from the Wawel Cathedral treasury and Pope John Paul II memorabilia.

Address: Wawel 3


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6. Museum of Municipal Engineering
For old vehicles and public transport lovers. A journey through the development of public transport located in an obsolete streetcar depot.

Address: ul. sw. Wawrzynca 15

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7. Jan Matejko's House
Branch of the Krakow National Museum, located in an old city townhouse, exhibits the life and works of the most famous Polish painter.

Address: ul. Florianska 41

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8. City of Krakow Historical Museum
Located in a townhouse on the main square, the museum presents the history of the city and Krakow's citizens. The annual winners in December's Nativity Scene (Cribs) competition are exhibited here

Address: Rynek Glowny 35

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9. The Bishop Erazm Ciolek Palace
Medieval and modern artwork from the collection of Krakow National Museum and orthodox paintings from Central Europe on display.

Address: ul. Kanonicza 17

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10. Pharmacy Museum
Discover pharmacy equipment and furniture in spectacular interiors. Truly intriguing.

Address: ul. Florianska 25


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11. Polish Aviation Museum
Indoor and outdoor collection of unique air crafts, aeroplanes and helicopters and not just for aviation enthusiasts. Recent, temporary exhibition on aviation archaeology.

Address: ul. al. Jana Pawla II 39

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12. Archdiocese Museum
Townhouse residence, which for over 12 years housed priest Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope when he was merely a priest. You can find sacred artworks, from paintings and sculpture to the liturgical objects. The personal belongings of John Paul II can seen in his rooms.

Address: ul. Kanonicza 21

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13. Ethnography Museum
Polish, European and world folklore to be seen. From the passion, for the respect of the cultures and to understand oneself and others is the motto of the museum founders.

Address: pl. Wolnica 1

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14. History of Photography Museum
Temporary and permanent exhibits. Photographic equipment and photography collections on display.

Address: ul. Jozefitow 16


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15. Manggha (Japanese Art Museum)
Not just a museum only, but an active cultural center, as well. From old Japanese samurai armour to origami and calligraphy workshops and much more. A really profound look at Eastern culture.

Address: ul. Konopnickiej 26

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16. Collegium Maius (Jagiellonian University Museum)
Antique building of one of the oldest universities in Europe. The seat of education for Polish kings and ... Copernicus. Impressive.

Address: ul. Jagiellonska 15

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17. Stanislaw Wyspianski Museum
Explore the artistic heritage of the famous Polish painter, poet, playwright and designer. One-man band.

Address: ul. Szczepanska 11

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18. The Old Synagogue
The oldest preserved synagogue in Poland. Memories of life in the Jewish Quarter. From religious rites to family traditions.

Address: ul. Szeroka 24

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19. Bunkier Sztuki
Modern Art Gallery. Check what's on the display at the moment. Well worth it.

Address: pl. Szczepanski 3A


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20. Aquarium
Fish, reptiles, amphibians and others. For kids and adults.

Address: ul. sw. Sebastiana 9


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21. Barbican & City Defense Walls
A look at the history of Krakow's defense with the Barbican as a masterpiece of war art.

Address: ul. Basztowa


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22. Botanical Garden
Escape from the hubbub of the city center and see rare species of flora from the south of Poland.

Address: ul. Kopernika 27


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23. Center for Jewish Culture
Jewish heritage institute in the center of the Jewish Quarter, Kazimierz.

Address: ul. Meiselsa 17


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24. The Eagle Pharmacy
The only pharmacy in Jewish Ghetto during the war. From here, Tadeusz Pankiewicz, led a conspiracy, helping and saving Jewish lives.

Address: pl. Bohaterow Getta 18

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25. Schindler's Factory
One of Stephen Spielberg's greatest productions, 'Schindler's List' was set in Krakow, Podgorze. Temporary exhibition in the area of the old Jewish Ghetto.

Address: ul. Lipowa 4

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26. Cricoteka
Center for documenting of the art of Tadeusz Kantor. One of Krakow's most famous artists, multi-talented and called a 'genius and a master of mystification'.

Address: ul. Sienna 7/5

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MICET (Interactive Museum / Theatre Education Center) is aplace for those who seek spontaneity in life and creativity at work. Experimental space for developing imagination and discovering one’s creative potential.

Address: ul. Jagiellonska 1